Express Your Inner Artist . . .
in Your heARTful Home

start expressing your inner artist

get joy's garden heartful home
personal coloring book
& match your home

to art you love

    Break out of the gray box . . .
    Your inner Creator responds to color!
    Print as many pages as you like,
    and match your home to art you love.

    Feel the radiance within as you activate your inner Creator

    Meet Me at the Edge of Dreams Living Room

    Twilight Rose Retreat Master Suite

    Go with the flow of inspiration in a color balanced home

    Tranquility Spa Bath

    "It has made such a difference to have this space be mine!
    Waking up here each morning is amazing!"
    ~ Becky K

    Chrysalis Liquid Monet Inspired Dining Room

    Entertain friends and family in an ARTful home embracing hearts.

    Edge of Tomorrow Great Room

    Feel energized in harmony in an artful home that reflects your authentic spirit.


    It's time to break out of the gray box. I know because I just bought new furniture ~ that gray is serviceable but what can I do to liven it up?

    Choosing artwork to match your decor can be a daunting dilema. Too many choices!

    Your heart colors are the answer.

    To discover them, start by selecting your favorite paintings in my heARTful Home Coloring Book and create your personal palette with my time-tested Color Sensing method.

    Soon you'll be feeling energized in harmony with your artful home that reflects your authentic inner colors.

    Many blessings,